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attempto Lab

attempto has been the partner of banking, insurance, industry and trade companies as well as the public sector in the implementation of complex IT projects since 2006. At the attempto Lab, which is open to all employees, we discover the next trends and learn together hands-on.

What We Do


Try new things, frameworks, technology, methods - experience the concepts, advantages, shortcomings, limitations and build showcases.


Learn concepts, gain an overview, step out of your comfort zone, get down the rabbit hole, get your feet wet and deepen your knowledge and gain hands-on experience, fail, learn and try again.


The Lab is a friendly, welcoming and safe place to experiment, learn and have fun together.

Share knowledge & experience!

We share knowledge and experience within our organization and are also happy to share it with the community.

Have Fun!

Foster curiosity, enjoy fascinating discoveries and celebrate collective success.